Holland Roden gets ready for the VMAs

We read it every night. I got so obsessed with it, for three months I wouldn’t respond to anything but Ariel. It drove my parents crazy, but… Grandma thought it was adorable.

[…]  p l e a s e  d o n ’ t  h u r t  h e r .  A r i e l .

Why did I think it was a good idea to rewatch Grey’s Anatomy from scratch

Just focus on my voice.

The 100 → 1x01 (Pilot)

I’ve had a lot of young woman tell me that Allison is inspirational to them, and I love that. Because there aren’t a lot of strong female characters on TV at the moment, and I think it’s really important for this generation to see that.

Earth, Water, Air & Fire. 

dylan o’brien

August  19   ( 3 )


graphic making is all fun and games until you have to decide which font to use

1989 photoshoot.

she was controlling me.