make me choose: anonymous asked me Kurt Hummel or Stiles Stilinski?

i’ve been studying for finals a lot this spring break (: i’m kind of proud of myself

make me choose:the hunger games or the mortal instruments? (asked by hummel-anderson)

Crystal Reed noticing she has a parking ticket and then being sad about it.


if you step on the back of my shoe and it comes off i will do the same thing to your head

Vanessa Hudgens + smile

make me choose:

anonymous asked: sansa stark or margeary tyrell

April  21   ( 786 )


game of thrones + pretty colors

Anonymous: Can you pretty please do a color pallete tutorial? :)

I’ve never made a color palette thing before, sorry!

so i was practicing my biology exam online and this gif was on one of the pages

i’ve been laughing at it for 329483274 years

April  21   ( 11 )